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I want my child to stop being fussy about food. Will Kidchen help?

We believe that when children are exposed to the food process -- from procuring ingredients to prepping them into a meal -- their appetites grow naturally. We only have one real rule at Kidchen and that is to always taste first, before you decide you don't like it.  So we can't promise your children will stop being picky entirely, but we can guarantee that they will be exposed to wide variety of flavours. 

My child wants to be a Masterchef. Will Kidchen provide the foundation? 

Our classes aim to introduce children to fresh ingredients, fun recipes and age-appropriate skills to help them around the kitchen. However we are not a culinary institute meant for grooming future chefs. We believe that every individual needs to know how to cook as a life skill, and that is what they will learn at Kidchen. 

What if my child loses interest half way?

Kids. They love beetroots one day, and then never eat them again because pink is no longer their favourite colour. So we understand................... What is the solution we should offer here?

Do you have special classes for children with different diet needs?

Most of our workshops are vegetarian. But if you let us know of your child's dietary restrictions when you sign-up, we can work around them in the recipes and ingredients they're given.

What if my child has allergies?

Please inform us if your child has any allergies to foods such as nuts, milk, berries and the like. We'll ensure that your child's ingredients are free of these items and that a watchful eye is kept on her/him at all times to ensure s/he doesn't consume them by mistake. In fact, this could also be a great opportunity to teach the kids about substitutes in food, don't you think?  

Do you provide the menu in advance?

As part of our policy, we do not provide the menu before class. As kids can be rather fussy about their tastes and notions, we have learned from experience that kids are more likely to try new ingredients when they cook with them. By not sharing the menu, we're letting their imaginations run wild! That way when they come in for classes, they will be more likely to having an open mind and discovering new things. 

Can we get the recipes after the class?

Yes, we will be sharing key recipes at the end of the class. Older children are encouraged to make note of the recipes during the class. 

Do I have to stay with my child in class?

Nope. Just drop your kids off and pick them up after class. Just like you would do for regular school. 

How many students per class?

The size of each class for 3-6 year olds is 8-10 while the class for 7-10 year olds is typically 12-15 students. Each class has one main teacher and an assistant. 

Do we need to send anything with the child?

We provide aprons and all the cooking material they would need, returnable to us at the end of each class. So just send them along with a bottle of water, and a big appetite. 

Do you conduct cooking classes for adults as well? 

We sure do! Whether you're a parent or grandparent with a budding foodie at home or a non-parent who is just looking to make food fun again, our Big People Kidchen is just the class for you. Take a look at our schedule page to see when the next class is and sign up.