Kidchen is a Bangalore-based activity centre where we introduce children aged 3-10 years to the world of honest flavours, real ingredients and good food. Our classes cover kitchen basics such as measuring, chopping, mixing, kneading, rolling, blending and assembling. 

At Kidchen, we aren't just teaching our kids to cook. We're helping them develop a healthy attitude towards food that will see them through for years. 

Dirty hands, happy tummy

Do you know what kids love more than the power to choose? It’s the independence to cook their favourite dishes in the kitchen! And when we teach them how to do this with fresh, healthy ingredients, we’re setting them up for a lifetime of happiness.


Making healthier choices

Kids need to have a say in what goes into their body. The more they learn about what’s on their plate, the more likely they are to make healthier choices.

An important life skill

Just remember: This isn’t a culinary school where we’re going to groom the next Junior MasterChef. Kidchen is all about letting kids discover the amazing world of food and learning the value of a well-balanced meal, every single time.

What will they learn?

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